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Welcome to the 2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit!

2023 was an exciting year for innate immune therapies with groundbreaking academic and industry research paving the way for state-of-the-art innate immune therapies with formidable therapeutic potential. There has never been a more important time to gather the innate immune community in Europe to address core challenges and survey innovations breaking the mould in the space.

The 2nd Innate Killer Summit Europe is a unique platform for biopharma, academia and investors to collaborate and learn, with the common goal of bringing safe, scalable, and durable immune therapies to patients globally.

3 days of unrivalled content addressed:

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Generating an optimum phenotype of engineered myeloid cells through cutting edge characterisation strategies.

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Promoting proliferative cell capacity and tumour infiltration through cytokine mediated boosting of innate cell activity

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Achieving high clinical efficacy for innate cell engager modalities

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Breaking translational barriers by re-imagining predictive modelling in innate cell therapy development

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Achieve high quality iPSC, chord and peripheral blood engraftment strategies through gold standard industry synchronisation

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