7:00 am
Registration & Coffee

7:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Michael Uhlin Professor, Head of Development & IT, Department of Clinical Immunology, Karolinska Institutet & Karolinska University Hospital

Optimising Delivery to the Tumour Microenvironment

8:00 am Where Next for the Clinical Development of Gamma-Deltas & NK cells?


  • Deep-diving into gamma delta and NK cells’ biology and clinical potential to target solid tumours
  • Examining the fundamental biology of innate immune cells and the properties that make them unique in their ability to target solid tumours
  • Evaluating the clinical data success and failures of NK and gamma delta T cells to fuel further development
  • Hear exclusive updates on TC BioPharm’s clinical development

8:30 am Engineering & Analyzing Gamma Delta T cells – Think Translational

  • Nina Möker Scientific Director Allogeneic Immunotherapy, Miltenyi Biotec


  • Introducing solutions for your translational gamma delta T cell workflows
  • Sharing comprehensive immune cell composition analysis and subset typing

9:00 am Arming Cell Therapies to Override Immunosuppressive Mechanisms & Penetrate Tumours


  • Priming patients NK cells with INKmune to initiate successful homing to the tumour microenvironment and elimination of cancer cells
  • Reviewing preclinical data of “pseudokine” activity producing the same proteomic effects of combinations of IL12/15/18
  • Leveraging clinical data of the clinical responses of “pseudokine” to determine its safety and efficacy

9:30 am Enhancing Homing Strategies to Improve Delivery to Tumours & Prevent Off-Target Toxicity

  • Evren Alici Group Leader, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet


  • Evaluating engineering and co-therapy strategies to direct antibodies and cell therapies to the tumour
  • Exploring the delivery of cells intratumorally with a catheter to maximise dose delivery and demonstrate the importance of homing on patient outcomes
  • Improving biodistribution of active therapies with cloaking mechanisms

10:00 am
Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Advancing Preclinical Development to Supercharge Clinical Strategy

10:45 am Cancer Immunotherapy Using Bispecific γδ-T Cell Engagers


  • Elucidating the mechanism of action of bispecific γδ-T cell engagers
  • Sharing preclinical work that indicates the therapeutic potential to treat
    heamatological and solid malignancies
  • Providing insight in trial design and first clinical data obtained from bispecific
    γδ-T cell engagers

11:15 am Cell Avidity – A Crucial Parameter for Developing Effective Cellular Immunotherapies


  • Legacy assays, such as cytokine release and in-vitro toxicity, have proven poor
    indicators of therapeutic performance leading to failed drugs, patient deaths and
    company collapses
  • Cell Avidity has been shown to be a key indicator of therapeutic performance that
    correlates both in animal models and patients
  • Highlighting that Cell Avidity is a far better separator of therapeutic performance
    than legacy methods with several studies

11:30 am Role of Mathematical Modelling in Cell Therapy

  • Lulu Chu Associate Director, Cell Therapy Clinical Pharmacology & Modeling, Takeda


  • What quantitative pharmacology questions in cell therapy can be answered with mechanistic modeling/quantitative systems modeling
  • Different pharmacology/understanding between autologous CART and allogeneic/innate cell therapies
  • Modeling considerations for innate cell therapy CAR NK using preclinical and clinical data

12:00 pm Gamma Delta T Cells: Manufacturing & Dosing Strategies Based on Biological Understanding to Optimize Therapies & Improve Responses


  • Understanding the mechanism of action of gamma delta T cells to support indication selection and repeat dosing
  • Optimising manufacturing and dosing to improve potential outcomes and scale-up
  • Utilising preclinical data to support entry into the clinic, clinical strategy and current clinical progress to-date

12:30 pm
Lunch & Networking

Unravelling the Mechanism of Action to Supercharge Combination Therapy Development

1:30 pm Determining the Anti-Tumoral Activity of BAY 3375968: An Afucosylated Anti-CCR8 Antibody Which Depletes Activated Intratumoral Tregs via the Innate Immune System to Kill Cancer


  • Understanding Treg promotion of cancer by suppressing the function of CD8+ and CD4+ T cells in the TME to hamper the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Harnessing BAY 3375968 by simultaneous binding to CCR8 on Tregs and to Fcγ receptors on effector cells to induce ADCC and ADCP to mediate the cancer kills
  • Utilising assays and preclinical models to characterize the MOA of anti-tumour action of BAY 3375968 and mouse CCR8 surrogate antibodies in vitro and in vivo for smooth translation to the clinic

2:00 pm Developing a Non-Alpha IL-2 as a Single Agent & Potential Combination Partner to Potentiate NK-Cell Based Therapies


  • A pre-clinical description of the molecule, and early work to optimize non-alpha IL-2 using non-natural DNA base pairing
  • Presenting early clinical toxicity and efficacy data showing non-alpha IL-2 may minimise toxicity and maximise clinical efficacy in a single agent setting
  • Elucidating future potential combination strategies for non-alpha IL-2, including NK cell therapy and NK cell engager molecules

2:30 pm Harnessing Innate Cell Engagers (ICE®) As Mono- & Combination Therapy to Induce Innate Immune Cell-Mediated Tumour Elimination with Favourable Safety Profiles


  • Outlining the mechanism behind Affimed’s innate cell engagers and their ability
    to tailor therapies to specific patient populations
  • Showcasing clinical data from the lead candidate AFM13 in combination with
    cord blood-derived NK cells in patients with r/r CD30-positive lymphoma
  • Providing phase 1 trial data on AFM24 in solid tumours and discussing the
    potential for combination with cell therapy
  • Highlighting pre-clinical efficacy results for AFM28 in combination with NK cells,
    that substantiate the rationale to develop this candidate for patients in need of
    novel approaches

3:00 pm
Afternoon Refreshments & Poster Session

Knocking Down Investment Hurdles

4:00 pm Sharing an Overview of the Current Developments, Clinical Trials & Key Players in the European Clinical Trial Landscape


  • Providing a comprehensive analysis of antibody and cell-based trials
  • Highlighting clinical trial hotspots in Europe to identify key areas for European development
  • Reviewing innate immune therapy in the context of the current IO and cell therapy landscape, and future trends

4:30 pm Panel Discussion – Driving Down the Cost of Innate Immune Therapeutic Development in Europe to Match US Development


  • Understanding the early aspects of cell therapy business building from financing, investment, market dynamics and sourcing
  • Painting the reimbursement map for Europe and the US, and the registration of use by UK healthcare services to streamline clinical development

5:00 pm Roundtable Discussions – Reimbursement & Market Strategy in the EU


Practical and highly interactive breakout-style roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share their opinions around reimbursement and commercialisation. This is a valuable opportunity for you to voice your experiences and debate best practice while identifying unique solutions.

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day One