The 2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit has now ran. Thank you to all our speakers, sponsor and delegates who joined us.

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Enhance Efficacy, Durability, & Clinical Translation of Cell-Based & Antibody Targeted Innate Immune Therapies to Meet Global Unmet Patient Needs

October 17-19, 2023 | London

2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit 2023

Building Community and Collaboration to Leverage Innovative European R&D and Transform the Innate Immune Space

The momentum of innate immune cell R&D is growing exponentially to harness the innate immune system beyond NK cells and drive the development of gold-standard innate immune therapies. Now is the time to gather this vibrant community and build further collaboration at the centre of innovation: in Europe.

The 2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit gathered key European Gamma Delta TNK,iNKT, neutrophil, and macrophage thought leaders in October to chase the holy grail of efficacious, off-the-shelf, innate immunotherapies through effective and scalable engineering, cell engager and combined modality strategies helping to bring safe, potent and persistent innate immune therapies to patients in need.

This was your chance to network with innate immune pioneers from the likes of Sanofi, Mendus, Mink Therapeutics, AffimedCarisma Therapeutics, Resolution Therapeutics, Treefrog Therapeutics and receive 3-days of some of the best scientific and data driven case studies that would have helped propel your innate immune therapy into the clinic and beyond.

Bridging the gap between next generation R&D innovation and clinical translation, this was the must-attend meeting to:


Navigate and foresee pre-clinical and CMC regulatory hurdles to accelerate future market access for innate cell therapies


Develop effective and scalable engineering, cell engager and combination strategies to overcome solid and hematological tumour resistance mechanisms


Harness the power of novel macrophage, iNKT and Neutrophil cell types to generate an endogenous immune response and achieve clinical success in oncology and beyond

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''Excellent speakers and the event was organised very well”

- Geofeng Zhang, Sales Manager, Agilent Technologies

''Cutting edge talks and an enthusiastic audience”

- Nathan Majewski,
Director, Celularity

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