Driving Innate Immune Innovations from R&D to Market Access to Develop Commercial Antibody & Cell-Based Therapies for Allogeneic & Solid Tumour Applications

18-20th October 2022 | London, UK

Turbocharge the Development of Best-in-Class Antibody & Cell-Based Approaches of Innate Immune Therapies, to Launch Safe, Globally Scalable & Efficacious Therapies from Europe

The momentum of innate immune cell R&D is growing exponentially to harness innate immune responses in oncology, realise scaled allogeneic manufacturing, and drive commercial stage-products. Now is the time to gather this burgeoning community at the crucible of innovation: in Europe.

The Innate Killer Summit Europe gathers 80+ key European Gamma Delta T, NK, and Macrophage developers in October to chase the holy grail of efficacious, off-the-shelf, solid tumour immunotherapies through innate cell targeting and engineering.

Seize your chance to network with innate immune trailblazers from the likes of Sanofi, Takeda, Gamida Cell, Glycostem and Bayer and gain a comprehensive overview of candidates to inform your strategic development and progress the field together with an industry brain trust. 

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Hear from an Industry-Leading Speaker Faculty Including:

Angela Scott

COO & Founder

TC Biopharm

Evren Alici

Group Leader, Associate Professor

Karolinska Institutet

Joachim Koch

VP of Translational Biology


Katharina Filarsky

Head of Assays 3 in Biologics Research

Bayer AG

Sharon Longhurst

VP of Development


"I am looking forward to meeting my peers from this exciting field of research to discuss recent advancements and challenges"
Katharina Filarsky, Head of Assays 3 in Biologics Research, Bayer AG


Bridging the gap between the technicalities of early discovery through to process optimisation and leaping regulatory hurdles, this is the must-attend meeting to accelerate safe and scalable therapies in Europe.

Join with your team to: 

  • Elucidate the mechanism of action for effective tumour targeting to inform future combination strategy - with Bayer, Affimed & Lava Therapeutics
  • Overcome manufacturing and logistical challenges to supercharge clinical development in Europe - with IN8bio, Glycostem & Takeda
  • Navigate regulatory and reimbursement hurdles to accelerate market access - with Evren Alici (Karolinska Institute), Gadeta & Arovella